Guidelines for Getting Married in the Archdiocese of Singapore

If both of you are baptised Catholics

  1. Notify your Singapore parish at least 1 year prior to the desired date of marriage.
  2. Make an appointment for a pre-nuptial interview with a priest from the parish.
  3. Gather the necessary documents.
    • Latest Baptismal Extract for the baptised Catholic (not later than 6 months).
    • Copy of Birth Certificates and/or Identity Cards (Groom & Bride)
    • Copy of Civil Wedding Certificate (if civilly married)
    • Copy of Marriage Preparation Course certificate / Engaged Encounter certificate

If one of you is not a baptised Catholic

  1. Trinitarian Baptismal Certificate for the baptised non-Catholic (if applicable).
  2. Inform the priest about the difference in religion at the first meeting. He will do the necessary steps to obtain the permission or dispensation from the Bishop through the Chancery Office.

If any of you have had a previous marriage

Inform the priest during the pre-nuptial interview