Procedures for Lay Teachers of the Faith

As per the Chancery Notice issued on 26 January 2018 (CHN-CN-2018-003), the Senate of the Archdiocese has approved a Code of Conduct governing all lay teachers of the faith who intend to exercise their ministry in Singapore. All laity who teach the faith should acquaint themselves with the terms of the Code of Conduct, available as a download here:

The Archdiocese of Singapore also requires laity teaching the faith at an Archdiocesan-National level to be either

  • Under the jurisdiction of an Entity officially recognized by the Archdiocese OR
  • Endorsed by the Archdiocese as an individual lay speaker

A list of officially recognized entities can be found at

Lay speakers who do not belong to an officially recognized Entity and intending to continue their ministry at an Archdiocesan-National level should approach the Chancery to apply for endorsement. Please refer to the following documents.

For further enquiries, kindly contact the Chancery at 63369408 or at [email protected].


Last updated on 18 June 2018